Winserve Corp.

WINSERVE CORP. organised the opening of the Magical Gift event

On 20 December 2018, the Medical Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage together with the Magic Breath Club, organised “The Magical Gift: the giver feels good”, the receiver feels great. Raise funds for developing “magic bracelets” a smart wristband innovative for ‘Breathe Better, Live Longer. Returns good breath to patients with emphysema’ campaign at Central World department store.
At the event, Preecha Karuhawanit, PhD., Chief Executive Officer of Winserve Corporation, as chairman of the civil society consultant introducing the “magic bracelet” that Winserve Corporation had developed under the Magic Breath project. To facilitate the patients with emphysema with the QR Code technology; can be scan to see the personal medical information, including first aid for patients during emergencies.