Winserve Corp.

Message from CEO


Karuhawanit, Ph.D.

As for me, keeping up with constantly changing technology is not enough. Coming up with new inventions to support latest technology would not be enough either. Thus, my team and I raised the question of “how to be one step ahead of customers” who are considering changing their organizations to be more modern and tech-savvy—as I believe that if we can tell what our clients want, we will always be the one they choose at the end.

Other than technology, another factor I have always kept in my mind—which I have been upholding throughout the past 20 years, is to be socially responsible. We work on sustainability projects for promoting awareness on environments, supporting youths, funding accessibility to fundamental education and public health services, and being a part that can bring Thai inventions to the international stage. The most important value for me is that all the employees are content with their work, and enjoy what they are doing. I believe they are the foundation that leads to long-term sustanability, integrity, and stability of our society and country.