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The Social Pillar

We prioritise on society health and safety by collaborating with the well-known foundations. There are two ongoing hospitality aspect projects, which are Magic breathe and Thai health foundation. We provided support on technology resources, marketing, and funds.

As for Magic breathe, we have launched a QR code wristband that includes useful information for Emphysema patients. This wristband consists of the patient’s personal and health information as well as the first-aid and other helpful essential treatment. Regarding Thai health foundation, our CEO is the current president of the foundation; we play a significant role providing support on technology part.

At Winserve corporation, we value our employee wellbeing. Our strategy aimed at not only protecting employee health, but actively boosting performance as well as social and emotional wellbeing; including financial wellness, mental health, mindfulness, and stress management, as well as cultural differences and leadership behaviours.

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