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Executive interview

The charming of Technology is continuous innovation development. There is no such a single day that we’re behind, as our everyday routine is to develop products, systems, and solution to meet the customer need. —Thanitra Karuhawanit, COO of Winserve Corporation Group, one of the leading influencers in Technology and Communication industrial. During her position of Senior Head of Strategic Business Development at Commserv Siam Co, Ltd., (Winserve Group affiliated company).

Thanitra Karuhawanit


Genius Journey : Optimize the Document Power.

Optimize the Document Power.

The success stories of Winserve Corporation Group is a combination of the expertise on Marketing and Selling Strategy of Thanitra and the expertise on Technical and Solution Strategy of Dr.Preecha, her husband. These two key factors create a strong fundamental base for the company to stand out in the industry up to present. Another equally important thing that helps propel the Winserve Corporation Group to go forward steadily is our employees. Thanitra, therefore, gives importance to love and heedfulness to everyone like family members.
Being a manager is to take responsibility for everyone in the organisation. In every single development step, we never left anyone behind, we learn together, starving together, and fulfil each other. We were bringing personal experience and real-life case study to train our people, to make them acknowledge the fact that nothing is beyond our ability. The success is not measured by profit or sales volume, but our ultimate success is the happiness of our people.
With this mindfulness, Winserve Corporation has a mission to develop employees quality continually. Aside from paying attention to the happiness of our people, Thanitra continues to spread positive energy, smiles and joy to the outside. By creating CSR activities under the concept of sustainable giving; fully supporting social and environmental activities that are genuinely effective. Likewise, the Winserve Corporation Group operates with quality under the fast-moving technology competition based on the idea of “giving” that comes from the true intention that the recipient can feel without speak up. Thanitra chose to keep every detail and use expertise to maximise benefits for our value customers.

We didn’t sell products or compete in the market by cutting prices, but we sell quality. Every system, every process that is the need of customers, we think and plan the whole system for them. When we go to present the solution, we have a chance to know the issues that the customers face. In addition to solving problems, we also provide other options, information and create a flexible solution in various processes.” This dedication has transformed business relationships into partner relationships—the partner who provides the best solution for partners and strengthen each other’s foundations. Furthermore, trying to find the best method that accumulated as an experience which has helped to expand more marketing channels and firmly build the business strength for the company.

The success that comes from the idea of the ‘giver’ of Thanitra It is another proof that demonstrates the management strategy that helps propel the organisation to become one of the forefronts of the technology industry with more than 1,000 customers who have given confidence and trust to the Winserve Group for the past 20 years.