Winserve Corp.

WINSERVE CORP. donates medical equipment and consumables for patients under COVID-19 treatment at Songkhla Nakarin Hospital Branch 2.

On April 1, 2020, Thanitra Karuhawanit, Executive Vice President of Winserve Corporation Group, donated 10,000 baht for the support of medical equipment and consumables for COVID-19 patients at SONGKHLA COVID-19 Recovery Camp, Songkhla Nakarin Hospital, Branch 2.
In the situation of the world is facing the epidemic crisis, COVID-19. Thailand is one of the countries that is currently facing this epidemic, where there are more and more people infected every day. The Winserve Corporation Group recognises the importance of medical treatment readiness and the safety of medical staffs who are dealing with the virus, COVID-19, that is facing the shortage of medical equipment and a large number of virus prevention tools. The SONGKHLA COVID-19 Recovery Camp is therefore set up as the COVID-19 Patient Support Center for the mild patient from various hospitals in Songkhla Province who still has to be cured. So that those hospitals have enough beds for COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms, the centre can accommodate about 50 people, with enough doctors, nurses and staffs. Patients in the Recovery Camp must receive COVID-19 testing with a positive test result and have been treated in hospital for at least 5 – 7 days with mild or no symptoms.
The Winserve Corporation Group continues to continue fulfilling the support needed in all sectors, especially the medical sector. To encourage all departments to strengthen overcome this crisis together with the hope that the epidemic situation will be resolved quickly.