Winserve Corp.

WINSERVE CORP. introduces SmartBiz, the assistant to connect the Working World in Digital Darwinism era.

Winserve Corporation Group, a leader in integrated software and communication technology, Preecha Karuhawanit, Cheif Executive Officer, presided over the seminar “Digital Darwinism Ep.2 SmartBiz Connect”. Presents the ‘SmartBiz Connect’ a creative platform and various services to meet the needs of businesses under the concept of Connecting Value. Moreover, introducing SmartTalk mobile applications; software that will increase organisation communication efficiency. With updates on knowledge about communications technology in the Digital Darwinism era and what organisations need to adjust. In this seminar, there were interested parties both from the government and private sector participated on 19 October 2018 at Eastin Grand Hotel, Sathorn, Bangkok.
In addition to changing the way of thinking in the workplace, in the Digital Darwinism era, many organisations are starting to bring new digital technology to help with work. Choosing a system or software that will help your organisation move forward more efficiently to meet the rapidly changing business needs is the challenge of the organisation in the Darwinism era. In conclusion, the use of technology to assist in management is creating value that will allow the organisation to grow and sustainably. To drive the organisation in Thailand 4.0 to be successful in the same direction An effective telecommunication structure and communication is a necessary factor to be able to connect to the network in all areas without interruption.
In this event, we introduced the “SmartBiz”, a platform that connects different parts of the organisation with the concept of Connecting Value; Connect Customer, Connect Team, Connect System. Helps to be easier to manage data analysis, work plan and leads to a Big Data which is a tremendous power to increase work efficiency in many areas in the future.
SmartTalk was developed to solve corporate communications issues and to increase work efficiency in the organisation. Besides, the seminar will also display a prototype of Digital CSR, which is a new form of corporate CSR through technology.