Winserve Corp.

WINSERVE CORP. joins hands with the Medical Association of Thailand to launch the "Magic Breath" club with a website.

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The Medical Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage together with Magic Breath Club board of directors launched the “Magic Breath Club”, a centre for counselling, recommending, supporting, promoting and accessing to services and rights that patients should receive regarding “Chronic pulmonary disease and emphysema”. Herefore, revealing cooperation in supporting the project and the purpose of founding the Magic Breath Club including the details of website development under the name “MAGIC BREATH” at the Medical Association of Thailand, Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrabarami 50 th Building on 10 August 2018.
The “Magic Breath” project arose from the combined power of doctors together with civil society aims to open the channel for disseminating knowledge via websites and social media to give positive energy for emphysema patients and their families to live a quality life. The main objective is for both patients and their families to access the magic of good breath, as the project name “Magic Breath” is to make every dimension of the patient pleasant.
As a chairman of the civil society consultant, Preecha Karuhawanit, PhD., Cheif Executive Officer of Winserve Corporation, has advised on using “magic bracelets” smart wristbands developed by BlueSeas Enterprise, the affiliated company in collaboration with the Magic Breath Club. To facilitate and be an emergency assistant in providing useful information to patients and doctors. Users can enter basic details of the patient that necessary in an emergency case through the project’s website. We facilitate the patients with emphysema with the QR Code technology; can be scan to see the personal medical information, including first aid for patients during emergencies.