Winserve Corp.

WINSERVE CORP. built weir in accordance with the royal initiative project to prevent flooding.

Insync Technology on behalf of Winserve Corporation, Preecha Karuhawanit, Cheif Executive Officer, together with group staffs jointly constructing weir in accordance with the royal initiative to prevent disasters from floods on December 10, 2010, at Namtok Than Thip National Park Phetchabun.
Phetchabun is located on the beginning point of the Pasak river between the two sides of the mountain, causing a creek to flow from the mountain through the city and flows down to join the Pasak River. The location has caused flood disasters regularly in Phetchabun. The construction of weir help to slow down the flow of water, which will reduce the severity of the flooding. “Weir under the Royal Initiative project” is built to block the water channel and small deteriorated stream grooves on the area that slow down the intensity of the water flow. Also helps to prevent sediment from losing to accumulate in the lower basin area. The dampness that occurs in the upstream area will help restore the watershed ecosystem and is another way to conserve soil and water.
Besides, this activity not only helps reduce the severity of water disasters but also helps to fertile the forest. Because water is the source of life, preserving water will bring benefits back to every living thing. Winserve Group, therefore, hopes that this activity will benefit society and the environment sustainably.